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The Pankas Allerød factory


In 2019, Pankas established a new asphalt factory in the area of Farremosen in Allerød, Denmark. The factory was constructed using the newest technologies and most efficient cleaning measures available in the market.

The factory was constructed by KVM which is one of the leading suppliers of asphalt plants. The plant is a model KVM Freja 3500 and its capacity is approx. 180 tonnes per hour. KVM designed the factory with a maximum construction height of 20 m –the chimney stack and the silos for finished products, amongst others, which are constructed in two lines with one conveyor cart.

The area around the factory is surrounded by a noise-deflecting wall and the noisy functions of the factory such as burner, exhauster and the conveyor winch are fitted with dampers. The foundation and framework are reinforced so as to be able to handle more noise-deflecting measures, if required.

Moreover, the factory is designed in an angle to make it as compact as possible and the area where base gravel and other raw materials are stored is lower than the surrounding area to ensure that the machines have to operate less. To keep the spreading of dust at a minimum, the chimney stack stands a mere 20 metres tall and is equipped with an alarm that is activated if the permitted quotes are exceeded. On a similar note, odour nuisance on loading of bitumen is not an issue as malodourous fumes are pumped into the asphalt tank of the truck. Furthermore, the factory is equipped with lighting comprising the most recent LED technology which means that fittings and lights may be hidden and provide indirect lighting.

Denmark’s first and largest underground biological cleaning and Biocalith rainwater plant has been constructed as an integral part of the asphalt plant. As this is an underground plant, it is not subject to natural sedimentation and the cleaning effect of sunshine and weather and necessitating the addition of Biocalith.

The plant must be able to handle the surface water issued by a five-year rainfall as well as clean the surface water of environmentally harmful substances and, for this reason, the plant has a delay volume of approx. 1,350 m³.

“Pankas has one of the most efficient cleaning measures available in the market and there is no better fit for their needs. The manufacturer tests the quality of the plant on an ongoing basis and, before it was constructed, they created a scaled-down model, whose effect was tested on the surface water at Pankas’ somewhat older Sorø factory. Even this water was so well cleaned that it met the requirements of the EU-protected Natura 2000 areas”

Andy Hoang, LRWH and Cloudburst Expert, Dines Jørgensen & Co.

A large hall for raw materials and a two-storeyed, 480 m2 office building have also been constructed in connection with the factory.

The factory is now open and operating for the 2020 season.