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Production and paving or even in-line paving of hot-mix-asphalt is one the main activities in the Pankas Group. All types of asphalt is available including special products like noise reducing pavements, asphalt for industrial- and harbour areas, low temperature asphalt and asphalt with low rolling resistance.

All Pankas Asphalt is based on high quality raw material and paved by experienced asphalt teams using modern machinery.

Videos and links with more information about asphalt can be found below (some parts in local languages):

Contact information

Pankas is producing and supplying asphalt pavements in Denmark and Germany. Receive more information here:


Pankas Zealand
 +45 7023 6400

Pankas Jutland
 +45 8685 1322


RASK Brandenburg
 +49 3342 42426 101

RASK Mecklenburg
 +45 38 41/21 40 16