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Rask Mecklenburg GmbH - Sports ground Hamburg


Something different than road building

This current project was implemented by Rask Mecklenburg in the spring of 2021. This project is something different than road building.

The key data of the construction project:
Name of the project: Sports ground, Hamburg Dratelnstraße
Order volume approx. € 100,000 (net)

Rask Mecklenburg GmbH carried out 2 porous asphalt layers as a subcontractor for our client, the Weitzel Sportstättenbau company.

The porous asphalt form base layers on sportsground surfaces for the approx.1.3 cm thick plastic top layer coating, on which the athletes then ultimately run.

A special feature of the construction site is the paving of the asphalt in 2 different layers. Due to a relatively small layer thickness of the base course layer, special measures had to be taken in the turning areas of the paver so that the paver does not destroy the lower layer when paving the upper one.

Added to this is the hand laying of the asphalt in the areas behind the goals, where the use of paving machines is impossible. Here a very special attention is required for accuracy, when laying the asphalt due to the very thin top layer coating.

This was implemented excellently by our team.