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Pankas Denmark – Road Repair Package 2022-2025


In 2021, The Danish Road Directorate put out a tender covering road maintenance and repair works on all state roads in Denmark.

The tender was divided into 5 subcontracts, of which it was possible to win either individual contracts or all 5.

Pankas Denmark already had good experience with similar projects, when in 2018, they won 2 contracts for road maintenance in Central Jutland, South Jutland and Funen worth DKK 50 million.

Pankas won all 5 contracts, which cover a total of 3,800 km of state roads across Denmark. The contracts involve Pankas ensuring that the roads are in good condition for the hundreds of thousands of road users who use the Danish road network daily.

The overall contract includes repair work for the next 4 years and possibly extending to 2 x 12 months. The total value is expected to be just over DKK 22 million annually.

“The major roads in our country are of great importance to society, and they connect Denmark and are used by an increasing number of road users. Therefore, it is crucial that they are kept in good condition,” says Michael Ebbesen, Area Manager, The Danish Road Directorate.


Carbon reduction measures
The Danish Road Directorate requires that the contractor, as far as possible, implements measures that contribute to reducing carbon emissions in connection with the execution of the task.

At Pankas, we focus intensely on sustainability and the circular economy. We take care of the earth’s resources by reusing the existing asphalt as much as possible and wherever possible. We are optimising the project to minimise driving, as we know that this is a major source of carbon emissions.

“At The Danish Road Directorate, we have the task of contributing to the green transition, and therefore we have focused intensely on sustainability in connection with the planning and execution of the specific operational tasks. Our contracts contain proposals for operational tasks that will increase biodiversity along the roads and provide the opportunity to promote carbon-reducing measures so that we can carry out the tasks in a sustainable and climate-friendly way.”
Michael Ebbesen, Area Manager, The Danish Road Directorate

The first year
The first year has gone according to plan, where +5,000 tonnes of road repairs were carried out on more than 3,800 km of state roads.

To minimise inconvenience to road users, all repairs will be carried out preferably at night by one motorway team working full time on the project.

This is the first task that cuts across the Danish departments, and therefore, it requires a high level of collaboration and communication to undertake such a large and comprehensive task. The first year has gone well, and the projects have been completed to the customer’s great satisfaction.