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New Inreco Bitumen Emulsion plant

New Inreco Bitumen Emulsion plant

In 2022 Inreco Bitumen Romania established a new plant for bitumen emulsion in Sibiu District in Romania. The project started in 2019 with acquiring the 8800 sqm factory site in Ocna Sibiului, Sibiu District.

In 2020 the engineering and application for construction permit was completed. In 2021 Inreco Bitumen Romania received building permit and started assembling the emulsion plant with the necessary facilities. In April 2022, the emulsion production and emulsion delivery started on a regular base. The infrastructure, production plant, facilities and personnel are now working fine and after 30 days from start the company gained contracts and now delivers to 90% of the customers in Sibiu District.

Speaking of challenges, the environmental permission was the most demanding issue, but was solved according to legal requirements in Romania.

Technical facts
The purpose of the factory is to produce cationic emulsions for road construction companies. The plant aims to be the main producer of low set emulsion used in cold recycling technology.

Regarding capacity, the emulsion production unit can produce 10-12 tons of emulsion pr. hour. The facility can store 80 tons of bitumen and 120 tons of emulsion.
There are 2 loading silos for emulsion delivery, and Inreco Bitumen will rent/borrow one 30 tons mobile emulsion tank for big projects and a sprayer truck for emulsion transport and spraying of tack coat services.

Sharing knowledge and experience across the organization have been important factors during the design phase. Together we create success.

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