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New chairman of Pankas Group

An experienced businessman is the new chairman of asphalt group Pankas

Jørgen Frost steps down as chairman of Pankas A/S after nine years. He will continue as a non-executive member of the Board, which will be chaired by Ole Røsdahl.

Following today’s Annual General Meeting of Pankas A/S and its parent company
New Kalkbrænderi A/S, Ole Røsdahl, Group CEO of Grønbech Holding A/S, has been appointed as the Group’s new chairman. This follows the resignation of Jørgen Frost, now the former chairman.

“Over the past nine years, we have worked hard to develop and secure the future of Pankas A/S. It has been an exciting and very interesting development to be part of. However, the time is ripe for new energy to take over the post of chairman,” says Jørgen Frost in connection with his resignation. He will continue as a non-executive member of the Board to ensure continuity of the Board’s work.

Newly appointed Ole Røsdahl thanks Jørgen Frost for his many years of service at Pankas A/S, which means that the company has a clear strategic direction for the future.

“We have a lot to thank Jørgen Frost for. Without him, Pankas A/S wouldn’t be as strong as it is in times of uncertainty in many areas. I look forward to taking over as chairman and, together with the Executive Board, ensuring that the current momentum continues both in Denmark and in our foreign companies,” says Ole Røsdahl.

In Pankas A/S’ latest annual accounts, the company presented a turnover of DKK 1.3 billion and a pre-tax profit of DKK 22 million. This followed a year in which rising raw materials and energy prices affected earnings. For 2022, Pankas A/S expects an increase in turnover but with increased pressure on earnings caused by the significant increases in energy and raw material costs in recent months.


About Ole Røsdahl

Ole Røsdahl is a trained engineer and has many years of director-level management experience from industrial companies in Denmark and abroad.

Before joining Grønbech Holding in 2021, he was Vice President of Sweco Denmark, responsible for the Water, Energy & Environment division. He has also been employed by the Krüger/Veolia Group for 25 years - including five years as CEO of Krüger in Denmark and simultaneously Group CEO of Veolia’s Nordic operations.

Ole lives in Frederiksberg and is married to Lene, and together they have two grown-up sons. Ole is a former elite handball player and today enjoys a round of golf when the opportunity presents itself.


For more information on Pankas, please contact:

Poul Henning Jensen, CEO, tel. + 45 29 16 24 66, e-mail phj@pankas.dk

Ole Røsdahl, Chairman of the Board, tel. + 45 24 24 00 81, e-mail ojr@g-s.dk


Here you will find the press release in PDF format