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Frekomos d.o.o. Croatia - Asphalt Conference 2021


Frekomos Croatia exhibits at Asphalt Conference 2021 in Croatia
After a long break caused by Covid-19 and the necessary restrictions, we met again with the participants at the 7th International Conference Asphalt Pavements 2021 in Croatia in the beginning of October.

This is an annual conference for asphalt pavements, which is usually held every spring in Opatija, Croatia. Due to corona, a seminar was not held last year and this year it is organized in the fall. This is Frekomos Croatia second participation on this congress as an exhibitor.

The topics of the seminar always cover all segments of road construction based on asphalt and asphalt recycling, design of asphalt pavements, execution of works, implementation of works supervision and control tests. The seminar participants are designers, contractors, supervising engineers, control test engineers and public investors.

Meet us again this spring at the EAPA Conference Asphalt Pavements 2022.


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