There was strong momentum in the construction sector in the late 1930s – and the Ny Kalkbrænderi construction consortium had plenty to do, quarrying lime and producing limestone. However, there was also a lot of impetus in the production of some very special limestone: ANKA stone, quarried from lime on the island of Saltholm, then overfired and impregnated with bitumen. This made it better suited than previous materials to the construction of footpaths, pavements, squares and, not least, the roads that would have to withstand the new traffic impact from increasing numbers of motor cars.

With this in mind, in 1939, Ny Kalk decided to set up an independent company to focus on the need for road construction which, they predicted even then, was going to be absolutely crucial in the future. They took the name PANKAS, because from the outset, they used ANKA stone for road-building – and because they had two talented engineers to keep things moving along: Ingvard Pedersen MSc (Engineering), and C. F. Spangenberg MSc (Engineering). Thus, the “P” in Pankas stands for Pedersen, while the “S” at the end stands for Spangenberg = PANKAS.

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